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Britian’s Got Talent

I always loved The X Factor and The Got Talent brands. I think that they have the capability to showcase hidden talents and expose traits that are difficult to be found. Apart from this, the fact that you get to work and meet with like minded individuals and people who are experienced in the field has its own positives and can generate a great amount of good for many people.

My journey on Britain’s Got Talent was, again, one that I never expected to but of such a magnitude. I travelled to the United Kingdom with a mindset that I will give it my all but to expect talent from all over the world and that it will be very difficult to make it through. Little did I know that I would end up a Semi-Finalist, it was a shock… in a good way and whilst I know what I am capable of, I never expected such reactions, especially from the industry’s legend, Simon Cowell who I can remember correctly saying these words “I’ve been waiting for someone to come out, who we think can be a star, and guess who it is… you!”.

I will treasure that experience and those comments forever.

Much love,