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Eurovision 2021

I guess that it’s time. Now this is really it. Once again, I cannot wait to go out there on stage and perform our latest creation, Je Me Casse. Je Me Casse is an uptempo song which has an instant good feel factor impact on the listener. It encompasses various musical twists , from the electro swing vibe to the pop pre-chorus showcasing the sassy aspect which is then followed up with a four on the floor rhythm. An unexpected twist appears in the middle section with a 3 part section starting from an acapella gospel bit, followed by an empowering vocal soul delivery which unexpectedly goes to a very cool drop with lots of attitude just before the end chorus outburst.

Excuse my French. ‘Je Me Casse’ is  about the empowerment of a strong woman and empowering other women. Lyrically we hear the story of a guy who tries to do what he can to get together with a woman from using unoriginal pickup lines, to buying drinks, but the woman has no interest at all and frustrated just wants to get away from the guy. She is assured in herself, as someone who is out to have a good time, and knows what she wants.

The song then reaches out to other women to feel confident and shine bright for themselves, with the support of each other, we see this message blossom with a beautiful mighty choir. Inspiration for the song was taken from powerful soul voices like Pattie LaBelle, especially the song Lady Marmalade. There was a beauty in the song with the use of French phrasing, and with all the powerful women who have since covered it, we wanted to replicate the French language element, with a modern lyrical take, and turn the tables on the guy with the phrase ‘Je Me Casse’.

The slang phrase means making a quick exit with a bit of attitude, possibly due to frustration, it’s simple, concise, and sums up the release of tension that happens in the chorus. Ladies if you feel like flaunting tonight, it’s all right!

Much love,