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How it all started

As cliche’ as it may sound, music was my first love and probably it will be my last. I don’t know how this happened but as far as I can remember I was always inclined to sing, even at a young tender age. My mother and father both recall how I used to grab anything that can be used as a microphone and start to sing songs that I would have learnt by heart a few hours before.

Fast forward to a couple of years, I started participating in various competitions and winning. Beyond winning, the fact that I was exposing my talent and making new friends was all I wanted to keep learning and improving on what I was blessed with.

Another fast forward to many years later, here I am, waiting to go on one of the largest platforms that the entertainment scene can offer you – The Eurovision Song Contest. I cannot wait to show you what I have been preparing for and I cannot wait to go on that massive stage and give it my all! Last but not least, I may have made it to the big stage at the Eurovision Song Contest but I am where I am today thanks to the love and support many many people gave me throughout the years.

All of this is thanks to you, and I can only hope that I will make you proud!

Much love,