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Junior Eurovision Song Contest

This was without any doubt one of the most fun experiences I had in my life. Apart from being the first time that I got to travel for a singing competition, it was also the first time that I performed on a huge stage in a competition that is becoming more and more popular over the years.

Never in a million years did I expect to actually win that competition. It was a first for me and a first for Malta. Whilst being happy and grateful that my talent got me to that top spot, I couldn’t not think about the fact that there are thousands of other great singers out there and that sometimes we don’t realise that the entertainment industry is a very difficult and one must really be at his or her best to make it to the top and be with the top.

Whilst I remember the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the song I participated with forever, the biggest experience was the fact that it was a great eye-opener for me for the rest of my life. I always gave my very best, but from that moment onwards it was more than imperative to be at my optimum.

Much love,