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X Factor Malta

Where can I start about this one? This was without any inch of a doubt one of the best, if not the best local experiences I have ever touched with.

Once again, beyond myself and my dreams and ambitions. Having first hand touched with the beauty of such brands like X Factor and Got Talent, I was sincerely happy that our tiny island had the opportunity to showcase its talents through such a format. I could not say no to the hundreds of messages that I received telling me that I should participate.

Apart from this, I believe so much in these formats that I had to put my face out there and endorse the X Factor. That could have only been done by participating. I gave it my all, made a lot of friends and made a lot of memories. More than glad and happy that I managed to win that competition as well and be crowned winner of Season 02 of X Factor Malta. Thanks to that win I also got my ticket to represent Malta in The Eurovision Song Contest.

Much love,